WTM-006 (2015)

Presenting the personal vision of percussionist, composer Alex Pertout on his new release From The Heart featuring ten original compositions and masterful performances from a host of national and international guests including guitarists Mike Stern (Miles Davis) and Tommy Emmanuel, pianists Tom Coster (Santana, Vital Information), Mark Levine (Cal Tjader, Poncho Sanchez) and Paul Grabowsky, vocalists Kavisha Mazzella and Christine Sullivan, percussionists Raul Rekow (Santana) and Hossam Ramzy (Peter Gabriel, Robert Plant & Jimmy Page) and drummer David Jones among others.

Musicality is musicality and on From The Heart which
composed and arranged he has it dripping from
his sticks,
an accomplished piece of work…

Warwick McFadyen THE SUNDAY AGE

A lot of musicians try to make Latin-infused discs like this, but

it takes a certain kind of soul to really do it right. This may
take a few extra mouse clicks to order, but it's so worth it…


This album of outstanding work reveals Chilean born
Pertout warmly embracing a panoply of musical influences,
in short: Outstanding!...
★★★★ ½     
Bryan Patterson HERALD SUN

As always Pertout provides a vital ingredient with his tasteful
and creative use of percussion instruments, the sum total is carefully
crafted, richly melodic and very accessible music, which combines jazz,
fusion and Latin elements into a seamless whole...

Alex Pertout: congas, bongos, timbales, berimbau, bombos, surdos, bodhran, tar,
shaker, planet drum, udus, tamborims, maracas, repeniques, tom tom, shekere, snare drum,
cymbals, roto-toms, table gongs, cowbell, triangle, caxixi, cabasa, windchimes, ocarinas,
vibes, marimba, glockenspiel, hammond organ, fender rhodes, vocoder, synthesizers
Mike Stern: guitar
Paul Grabowsky: fender rhodes
Tommy Emmanuel: guitar
Tommy Emmanuel: electric piano, accordion
Tom Coster: electric piano, accordion
Colin Hopkins: fender rhodes, piano
Matt Kirsch: acoustic, electric guitars
Joe Chindamo: fender rhodes, accordion
Kavisha Mazzella: voice
Steve Wade: voice
Christine Sullivan: voice
Cecilia Pertout: soprano
Leonardo Salvo: voice
Hossam Ramzy: tabla
Raul Rekow: conga solo
Bob Venier: flugelhorn
John Barrett: alto, concert, bass flutes
Lachlan Davidson: saxophone
Joe Costanzo: accordion
Mary Doumany: harp
Alejandro Vargas: zampoñas
Andrian Pertout: lead synthesiser
Julian Alexander Pertout: windchimes, rattles, voice sounds
Jeremy Alsop: bass
Ben Robertson: bass
Craig Newman: bass
John Annas: hi-hat
Darryn Farrugia: drums
David Jones: drums

Composed and arranged by Alex Pertout

Recorded at La Pieza De La Musica, Eltham
Additional recordings at Allan Eaton Studios, St Kilda
Recorded and edited by Alex Pertout
Additional recordings by Ross Cockle and John Proe
Computer support by Philip O’Brien
Synthesizer and sampler sound design by Peter Grech
Mixed by Ross Cockle at La Pieza De La Musica, Eltham

Mastered by Don Bartley at Studios 301, Sydney
Design by Luke Fraser/Ahr+
Previously released (2001) Vorticity Music (2004) Nicolosi Productions J.Jazz Italy

Produced by Alex Pertout

'From The Heart' Digital Booklet

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