ALEX & NILUSHA Afterglow
WTM-007 (2016)


Alex & Nilusha
present their third collaborative album 'Afterglow'. Recorded in Melbourne, Sydney, Havana, New York and Buenos Aires it features eight new compositions by Alex Pertout and Nilusha Dassenaike. The fusing of contemporary jazz, world music and pop reunites them with legendary US guitarist Mike Stern, Cuban violinist William Roblejo and Argentinian guitarist Alan Plachta, while colleagues Paul Grabowsky Geoff Hughes, Frank Di Sario, Colin Hopkins, Alister Spence, Evripides Evripidou, Phil Turcio and Miroslav Bukovsky contribute superb Australian performances.

The release features new collaborations with two Cuban legends, the outstanding master of the tres Pancho Amat and folkloric master drummer Roman Pelladito on congas and the sacred bata drums.
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ALEX & NILUSHA Tales To Tell
WTM-003 (2014)

Winner of Premio Internacional
Havana, Cuba

Alex & Nilusha
present their new album 'Tales To Tell', the follow up to the critically acclaimed 'Moments In Time' release. Recorded in Australia, Argentina, Cuba, England and the USA, 'Tales To Tell’ takes its listeners on an alluring journey of sounds gathered from around the globe, showcasing original compositions by Alex Pertout and Nilusha Dassenaike. 'Tales To Tell' features an eclectic cast of outstanding national and international guests including Mike Stern, Paul Grabowsky, Hossam Ramzy, Edsel Gomez, Tom E Lewis, Alan Plachta, Miroslav Bukovsky, David Alfaro, Andrea Keller, William Roblejo, Luke Howard, Peter Petrucci, Adrian Sherriff, Craig Newman, John Norton and Evripides Evripidou.
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WTM-004 (2014)

Primed with a pure velvet voice that crosses two languages and composing and arranging skills that weave together a rare synthesis of contemporary jazz and Sri Lankan folk music, Nilusha Dassenaike has crafted a debut album that takes an entirely fresh approach to contemporary vocal improvisation by integrating elements of soul and pop with the rich traditions of jazz, world music and so much more. The album also features performances by a selection of Australia’s finest creative musicians, Alex Pertout, Luke Howard, Andrea Keller, Peter Petrucci, Miroslav Bukovski, Christopher Hale and Craig Newman.
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ALEX & NILUSHA Moments In Time
WTM-001 (2012)

Album Of The Week
Top 5 Australian Jazz Albums of 2012

Chilean born percussionist Alex Pertout and Sri Lankan born vocalist Nilusha Dassenaike present 'Moments In Time', an absorbing journey into contemporary world, contemporary jazz and standout originals. The album unveils their Alex & Nilusha project, bringing together a stellar cast of Australia’s most distinctive creative performers to participate in their vision, including pianists Joe Chindamo and Tony Gould, trumpeter Miroslav Bukovsky, drummer David Jones, guitarist Leonard Grigoryan, sarodist Saby Bhattacharya and legendary Latin-jazz flautist Dave Valentin.
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ALEX & NILUSHA Falling feat. Mike Stern
WTM-002 (2013)

Alex & Nilusha have released the single 'Falling' featuring legendary US guitarist Mike Stern. Composed by Alex Pertout and Nilusha Dassenaike the song also features Luke Howard on piano and bassist Craig Newman. Released 29 July 2013 by Whispering Tree Music the track forms part of the forthcoming album 'Tales To Tell'.
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WTM-005 (2015)

Discover the music of percussionist, composer Alex Pertout on his debut release Lusambo featuring twelve original compositions, nine recorded and mixed at the famed 'Metropolis Studio' (formerly 'Armstrongs') in South Melbourne and three solo pieces recorded and mixed at his own studio, showcasing the artist and musician. Recorded with the support of an Australia Council for the Arts grant, the album features an outstanding ensemble of performers including drummers Virgil Donati and Derek Pellici, trumpeter Bobby Venier, flautist John Barrett, pianist Colin Hopkins, vocalist Linda George, soprano Cecilia Pertout, bassist Michael Matthews and guitarist Mario Genovese.
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WTM-006 (2015)

Track 'Salvador'
Winner of Percussion On Fire

Presenting the personal vision of percussionist, composer Alex Pertout on his new release From The Heart featuring ten original compositions and masterful performances from a host of national and international guests including guitarists Mike Stern (Miles Davis) and Tommy Emmanuel, pianists Tom Coster (Santana, Vital Information), Mark Levine (Cal Tjader, Poncho Sanchez) and Paul Grabowsky, vocalists Kavisha Mazzella and Christine Sullivan, percussionists Raul Rekow (Santana) and Hossam Ramzy (Peter Gabriel, Robert Plant & Jimmy Page) and drummer David Jones among others.
His composition 'Salvador' was the winner of the US Jazziz On Disc Percussion On Fire competition and featured on Jazziz February 1997 cd release.
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